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No Junk Mail Please! Self-adhesive Stickers and Signs for your Letterbox

Junk mail annoys you? We have a solution for unwanted junk mail: high-quality stickers and magnetic signs.
Shipped from the UK. Perfect for outdoor use, highly visible yet discreet.

Magnetic sign "No Junk Mail Please"

Ideal for temporary or permanent use: This magnetic No Junk Mail sign can help reduce unwanted mail in your mailbox. Since it’s magnetic, it can be removed quickly if needed. Also ideal for those who want to protect against advertising while on holiday, but do not want to miss out on leaflets at other times.

Magnetic no junk mail sign
No Junk Mail magnet attached to a mail slot

Our No Junk Mail magnets for letterboxes are easy to attach and just as easy to remove

Your magnetic No Junk Mail sign at a glance

How to attach your No Junk Mail magnet

Attaching the magnet is very easy. Choose a clearly visible visible spot on your letterbox and place the magnet. That’s how quick and easy you can remove annoying junk mail from your letterbox!

Please check if the surface of your letterbox or door is magnetic, for example with a fridge magnet!

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Sticker “No Junk Mail Please“

Tried and trusted: Our No Junk Mail sticker for anyone who wants to permanently rid their letterbox of unwanted leaflets. High-quality sticker made of hard-wearing vinyl, with a waterproof and weather-resistant protective coating.

No Junk Mail sticker
No Junk Mail Sticker attached to a letterbox

The sticker that can save you from unwanted junk mail!

Your No Junk Mail sticker at a glance

How to attach your No Junk Mail sticker

Attaching this sticker to your letterbox is very easy. Choose a highly visible spot on your letterbox. For the best possible adhesion, please make sure that the place is clean, dry, free from dust and grease. That’s it, you’re done! That’s how quick and easy you can free your postbox from annoying junk mail.

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No Junk Mail Please! Your letterbox says “No, thank you!“

Every day, countless unwanted mail ends up in letterboxes throughout the UK. Flyers, adverts, free newspapers, take-away menus and much more. All this piles up to an incredible amount of wasted paper. The consequences for our environment are horrible.

There are efforts to make print marketing material more sustainable. Still, direct marketing via unaddressed mail and flyers is hugely popular with businesses of all kinds. Every leaflet and every flyer printed means more paper and ink are wasted. Not everything is recycled. With a “No Junk Mail Please!“ sign on your door, you can make a statement against wastage and actively help shrink the UK’s mountain of wasted paper.

The advantages are clear: Your letterbox will stay free from unwanted junk mail and adverts. That’s good for the environment and saves you precious time. From now on, you will only find really important letters in your postbox. Annoying adverts are a thing of the past and won’t clog up your letterbox anymore.

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